A team with enthusiastic people WHO COMMIT

The conductor of your computer projects so that each involved actor can perfectly play his instrument for a perfect score.

Trained with Anglo-Saxon working methods after an international academic and professional experience (USA / Europe), I am pragmatic and agile. I am always looking for the best option / solution to best match with the demands of our customers and partners, for a long term relationship.

I have a general knowledge of IT infrastructures with a specialty on IBM Power environments and more specifically on the Power i environment.

English / French and sometimes Frenglish!

  • I am committed to create integration links between school and business companies
  • I am responsible for Youth at the Center of Young Entrepreneurs of Val d’Oise and organizer of the contest “young inno-entrepreneur” which rewards the best project of company creation among students of different high schools
  • I am also a member of the Business Digitalization Commission within CJD National.

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, but because we do not dare, things are difficult.” SENECA

With who nothing is impossible!

Become a connoisseur in the IBM range, the i and its peculiarities, I try to respond effectively to all your projects. Customer cases and domains are vast … But we learn every day! I have been working for 12 years at BESTinfo for the construction of a partnership & a trust area with each of our clients.

Logistics challenges and invoicing the (good one!). Sales administration.

English, Spanish

A bit of Russian …

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

Just kidding : “To be is better than to have.”

Nature hikes and family & friends dinners!

International Commercial

Rich by my years of experience with BESTinfo, I take care of projects in France and abroad. I focus on customer contact by being present from A to Z in the projects!

Server & Spare Parts



To give the best answer to your hardware needs!

Horse riding

Account Manager

After 15 years of IBM AIX products, I can answer to any request for the supply of multibrand infrastructures, spare parts, fleet replacements, rental, third-party maintenance and manufacturers.

IBM AIX, technical and commercial challenges.

French, English, German

Customer satisfaction, technical as well as commercial or logistical challenges.

Personally my family, my friends. Cultivating my garden, literally and philosophically.

“The important thing is not what we are, but what we offer.” Raoul Follereau

BESTinfo values

Work :

Individual investment at work is fundamental in the success of our missions, at a personal and global corporate level

Respect :

Respect for each other in our community (customers, employees, suppliers, partners…), positive professional communication without any differences linked to culture, origin, sex or religion.

Trust and Goodwill :

Trust in men and women to commit themselves professionally in a well-intentioned way and always try to improve themselves to become a better human being as well as a better professional person in order to achieve performance in the well being.

Team Spirit :

Working together, listening and helping each other to succeed in our goal to the satisfaction of all our community: customers, partners, employees, suppliers, service providers.