Destruction of WEEE material

A few years ago, end-of-life computer equipment was either transported to the garbage dump or donated to schools or associations without further control.

The new regulations have forced companies to change their habits. And if the purchase of equipment remains a decisive moment for the entire company, the end of life of this material becomes a real headache.
Indeed, the law makes you responsible for what will happen to each component of your IT. Also, if the association or school, to which you gave your equipment, does not recycle it eventually, you may be subject to penalty.

BESTinfo goes with you at every stage of the destruction of your equipment. You simply address a list of equipment or even photos, some information on the accessibility of your premises and a single contact supports:

  • logistics
  • de-commissioning
  • destruction documents
  • erasing data
  • and more particularly, when it arrives in our warehouses:
    • Certified deletion of data upon request
    • Sorting equipment for the second-hand market
    • Sorting of equipment for the WEEE recycling market
    • Sorting the components for “artistic recycling” with your agreement (see video below as an example)
    • Management of WEEE services
    • Recycling certificate

BESTinfo has all the necessary approvals for the transport of these materials and is associated, among others, with adapted companies, allowing a recycling which respects the WEEE standards and supports the integration of the handicapped people in the professional environment.

A good surprise? In fact you think your hardware is obsolete, but it may be able to be repackaged and reused. In this case, depending on the configuration, we will offer to buy it back.

You thought you had a problem, maybe it’s a budget we’ll make you win!