A team of enthusiasts WHO COMMIT

Executive Director

The conductor of your IT projects so that each actor involved can play their instrument perfectly for a score in perfect harmony.

Trained in Anglo-Saxon working methods after an international university and professional experience (United States/Europe), I am pragmatic and agile in nature. I always look for the best option/solution to best meet the demands of our customers and partners, for a long-term relationship.

I have a general knowledge of IT infrastructures with a specialty in IBM Power environments and more particularly in the Power i environment.

English / French and sometimes Frenlish!

  • I am committed to creating bridges of integration between school and companies
  • I am in charge of Youth at the Center des Jeunes Dirigeants d'Entreprise du Val d'Oise and organizer of the "young inno-entrepreneur" competition which rewards the best business creation project among high school students from different establishments in the Val d'Oise. 'oise
  • I am also a member of the Business Digitization Commission within the CJD National.

"It's not because things are difficult that we don't dare, it's because we don't dare that they are difficult. » SENECA

Sales Administration

With whom nothing is impossible!

Having become seasoned in the IBM range, i and its particularities, I try to respond effectively to all your projects. The customer cases and the fields are vast… But we learn a little every day! I have worked for 14 years at BESTinfo to build a space of partnership & trust with each of our clients.

The logistical challenges and invoicing the (good!) sales administration.

English Spanish

A bit of Russian...

The Lannisters pay their debts

uh no: to be is better than to have

Nature hikes and meals with family & friends!

Commercial team

The Lucky Luke of the quotation!

Rich in my years of experience at BESTinfo, I take care of projects in France and abroad. I emphasize customer contact by being present from A to Z in the projects!

Server & spare parts



Best meet your hardware needs!

The horse riding

Sales Administration

Versatility for the benefit of your projects

I am the voice you can hear on the phone and the little hands that operate in the shadows to support your projects from the moment your order is placed to your delivery in record time.

Sales Administration, Order Tracking & Accounting



Dynamism, professionalism and efficiency are my daily watchwords.

Commercial team

Your project and software partner.

Trained at the IBM sales school, I will be able to guide general and IT management towards the software solutions best suited to the prerequisites of each company, thus ensuring data security and the sustainability of activities.

The establishment of partnership.
Management and monitoring of IT projects
Network Animation



We are always stronger as a team than alone!

Travels for the discovery of new horizons and new customs

Great passion for photography.

Commercial team

Dynamism for the benefit of your projects

Currently in training at BESTinfo with experts in each area of ​​expertise, I am learning to respond to your Hardware and Software requests.

With a great ability to listen, I analyze your needs as closely as possible to provide them with an optimal response. Understanding your needs and MY priority.



Computers are cool! or The mountain wins you over! A choice !

I like rhymes...

Sport and computer servers! 😉

BESTinfo company MOTTOS

Commitment :

The success of the collective in the business project is based on the commitment of each to invest and achieve in its corporate mission.


We are committed to acting responsibly against all forms of discrimination (sexism, racism, harassment, etc.), and through exchanges that bind us to our stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, partners, service providers, etc.), we are vigilant in adopting an attitude and words worthy of respect.

Kindness :

Confidence in the men and women to carry out their mission with kindness, to grow humanly and professionally to succeed collectively while serving the best interests of our ecosystem.

Team spirit :

Working together, training, exchanging, sharing, communicating, listening actively to grow together and perform in our business project by always better anticipating the needs of our community: customers, partners, suppliers.